Over the years, I have gained experience teaching a range of courses across the LSE, including:

  • EH101; The Internationalisation of Economic Growth, 1870 to the Present
  • EH390; Stata Workshop for Dissertations in Economic History
  • EC204 (LSE Summer School); Financial Markets and the Global Economy: The History of Bubbles, Crashes and Inflations
  • EH240; Business and Economic Performance since 1945: Britain in International Context

I was also a mentor for new PhD students approaching teaching at the Economic History Department, in the year 2020-21.

In 2021, some of my students from EH101 nominated me for the LSE teaching awards (category “excellent feedback and communication”). Here are some supporting comments from them:

“Always happy to help answer any questions I may have whether that be over email or during office hours. Very friendly and approachable. Office hours were always useful and he would spend extra time where I needed it and created extra office hours after receiving feedback on an essay to explain areas for improvement in more detail! Feedback was always on time and in depth which has really enabled me to make massive improvements in my academic writing and general understanding of how to analyse historical sources in a constructive manner. Thank you for all your help this year so far, it has been invaluable and I feel as if I have made a lot of progress!” Anonymous

“Whilst still giving feedback on time, Andrea provided incredibly detailed feedback on all work submitted. The feedback was comprehensive such that you could tell every word of the work had been read. The feedback always felt relevant and direct. Additionally, in office hours for additional feedback Andrea was even more helpful, able to give extra examples and point you in the direction of resources that could help you improve. Overall exceptionally precise and helpful feedback, which has consistently been the best I have even received.” N.S.

“Provides outstanding feedback that is almost longer than the work for which it is given! Has been incredibly helpful in guiding me through the early stages of my degree.” G.G.

“He provides good feedback to our class essays each week. He also provides good feedback on formative assessments and allows the opportunity to discuss them in more depth during office hours. You also can always email him asking a question, and he’ll always reply back quickly, even though he must be busy!” Anonymous

Here are the results from the teacher evaluations at the end of 2021:

Group 8

Group 9